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  • Aircraft model kits
    1001hobbies offers a large selection of aircraft models: plastic airplane models, wooden airplane models, passenger or military aircrafts, etc. Besides scale models, you can also find accessories (detailed kits, figures and decals), as well as documentation (books and magazines) for the perfect completion of your creation. Different types of airplanes are represented:  monoplanes, biplanes and triplanes, but also military or civil airplanes, jet fighters, bombers, reconnaissance or transport aircrafts, seaplanes etc.
  • Plastic model tanks

    Plastic model tank kits will allow you to reconstruct the big historical battles. You can make dioramas with a tank mock-up for example, soldier figures, a canon and buildings. offer numerous model kits of armoured tanks and military vehicles. You can refine your search according to the type of model kit you are looking for: model tank kit, model canon kit, model armoured car kit, model half-track kit or model troop transport kit. We offer a large choice of tank mockup brands, such as Tamiya, Unimodel, Italeri, etc.

  • Ship model kits
    You can find numerous ship model kits at 1001hobbies : scale models, accessories (detailed kits, figures and decals), as well as documentation (books and magazines) for the perfect completion of your creation. Different types of ships are represented: pirate boats, Riva ships, container ships, sailing boats, passenger liners (such as Titanic), submarines, aircraft carriers, cruisers, battleships or frigates. We also have models of whalers, icebreakers, tugboats, etc. The models are either made of plastic or wood, depending on the model. You can use the filter on the side of the website to refine your search query.
  • Car model kits
    Are you passionate about cars? 1001hobbies offers you the possibility to build the car of your dreams. You can build an old-style model car kit yourself, with some glue and a cutter. The result will please both you, and your loved ones. We offer car model kits of varying scales (1/24, 1/8, 1/43) and brands: BMW, Ferrari and other sports car models, etc. Filters will allow you to choose the right car model for you.
  • Motorcycle models
    You can find various motorcycle models at 1001hobbies. BMW, Guzzi, Ducati, Honda and other brands are available in the main scales: 1/24 scale small model kits, 1/6 scale large model kits. Are you passionate about bigger motorcycles? 1001hobbies offers you the possibility to build a large motorcycle model. Discover the Japanese model racing motorcycle kits conceived by Tamiya !
  • Truck model kits
    Does the road fascinate you? Build the truck model kit of your dreams at 1001hobbies. Our truck models are available in different scales, especially 1/24 scale, the most common. The latest novelties are also present, and our filters will allow you to find the trucks that you are looking for: Scania trucks, American trucks, firefighting trucks, etc.
  • Rocket model kits
    To reconstruct the amazing conquest of space, why not build a space station model? Different rocket model kits are available: space shuttles, space capsules, reactors, etc. Reconstruct the adventures of Sputnik, Soyouz, Mercury, Apollo, Ariane IV and Ariane V, etc. We hope to have a model of the robot Philae soon!
  • Model kits of buildings
    Are you looking for a model of a house, a train station or the Eiffel Tower? Then you are at the right place! You can find numerous models of buildings, in different scales to add to your train scenery or diaromas. Usually the model kits are in plastic, and still to assemble and paint. You will be proud of your creation!
  • Sci-fi model kits
    Cinema and TV shows are highlighted in this category. Whether you prefer Batman model kits or The Dukes of Hazzard, Star Wars or Star Trek, it doesn't matter. You will find plastic models to build and paint, giving life to your heros and favourite vehicles.
  • Helicopter model kits
    Here you can find helicopter model kits at 1001hobbies: civil or military helicopters, combat or transport helicopters, without forgetting the autogyros, ancestors of the helicopters we know today. Helicopter model kits are made of plastic and should be assembled with glue. Several scales are available: 1/72, 1/48 or 1/32.
  • Leonardo da Vinci models
    Leonardo da Vinci was perhaps one of the first model builders! His models of marvelous machines, visible at the museum of techniques in Milan or at the Château d'Amboise in France, have been reproduced in small sized models by Revell and Italeri. Leonardo da Vinci model kits are made of wood and will be a good initiation to engineering.
  • Cannon model kits
    In this category you will find : military model kit, accessories.

    The main brands we offer are : Tamiya, Trumpeter, MAC Distribution and Dragon.

    The best sellers in the category are : truck ahn 3,5t and flak 37, sd.kfz.7/1 half-track w/ 2 cm flakvierling 38 (early version), horch 108 & 20mm flak 30 and sd.kfz.7/2 3.7cm flakvierling 43.

    Discover the whole range !